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Founded in 1998, our company is already a tradition in distribution of central heating, air conditioning, heating and cooling devices in Romania, Goodman brand. The high quality of these facilities places us among the top places in the country to distribute such devices.

Advantages of GOODMAN systems compared with radiant heating:

1. Systems with forced air central air conditioning, heating and cooling piping does not freeze in winter, heat transfer agent is air, they can be installed in new or existing buildings and the option to make investment in two steps: central heating with radiator cooling ducts and diffusers for air distribution inside, and the optional outside for air conditioning, then when the budget allows, especially in residential projects.

2. Horizontal or vertical mounting system inside (attic, basement, closet) and outdoor.

3. Fresh air up to 50%, prevents dampness and maintain an atmosphere rich in oxygen without opening the window, creating security problems.

4. Heating thermostat automatically initiates inner atmosphere at 4 degrees Celsius even if it is set to OFF to protect installation of water from freezing.

5. Combining heat pumps with heat exchangers gas ensure maximum system efficiency (return on investment in max. 5 years) and optimum heating capacity at low maximum outside.

6. Protection by filtering air through different filters (mechanical, electrostatic, UV), compared with systems that create ENGAGEMENT OF THE MICRO-ORGANISMS IN PARALLEL WITH HOT AIR VERTICAL UP 24 HOURS OF 24 BOOSTING DISEASE HUMAN BREATHING SYSTEM.

7. Centralized system regulation of temperature and time of operation of the equipment room through thermostat.

8. Economic system - circulates air from the upper rooms (remove stratification), so 75% more efficient than traditional radiators, by eliminating the stratification space heating and thus reduce the life and energy / fuel.

9. Wide range of capacity can be spread to areas of need 40 mp to 600 mp.